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2016 Construction Adhesives Market

Building adhesive application is taken for granted in the field of the building industry, including, residential buildings, commercial office buildings, large shopping mall, luxury hotels, municipal engineering, landmark buildings, gymnasiums and so some construction. Now social growth, construction adhesive has become widely used, whether it's real estate industry in country towns, or individuals, are closely related. However construction sealant sealant industry is the most important part.

In the construction industry, sealant must be resistant to high temperature, low temperature resistant, water resistant. The rapid development of modern construction, construction sealants, higher quality requirements, but also for building sealant appearance, environmental protection and higher performance requirements, use Tung oil on the building from the initial ash into a neoprene rubber seal, then to reaction curing type of polysulfide, polyurethane, silicone sealant. As people on building comfort, energy-saving, fire, mold, the continuous improvement of environmental requirements, functional sealant products also meet the requirements.